Wedding Ceremonies

Your wedding day is about both you and your partner, therefore the decision on what happens during the ceremony comes down to choices you both wish to make.

I consider it my honour to be part of your big day, and I will endeavour to include all of your ideas into a ceremony so that it is unique, personal and is the ceremony that you dreamed of.

To enable me to do this, we will spend time together, and I will listen to your stories and experiences; How you met, why you fell in love, what you love about each other, and what your dreams and aspirations for the future are.  All of which, helping me to paint a picture of you and how your ceremony should be.

Your ceremony could be traditional style, in a hotel or stately home and include your favourite thoughtful poem. It could be a comical tone with a motivating reading at the village green, or in your own back garden with a joyful piece of music, all with the option of containing a selection of memorable special elements.

Special Elements

As a way to make the ceremony even more personal, you can add a selection of special elements to the day.

I’ve given below, just some of the examples that can help with this: –

  • Choose the Ring warming ceremony where your rings are placed in a pouch and passed amongst the guests who are asked to pass on their thoughts and good wishes as the rings pass through their hands.  
  • A Wine ceremony where you could drink from the same glass or combine two glasses of a drink into a third glass. Alternatively, you could place a bottle of your favourite tipple in a box with a letter to each other to open on an anniversary of your choice as part of the wine box ceremony.  
  • You may wish to get other guests involved and present parents or grandparents with a flower as part of the Rose ceremony, show a sign of the joining of two families in the Unity lantern ceremony or  ask guests to write a promise on a stone in the Say it with stone ceremony.
  • You may wish to symbolise the joining of you and your partner by taking part in the Unity sand ceremony or asking them to write a note to you to be hung on a wishing tree or placed in a wishing jar.
  • The traditionalists amongst you may choose the hand wrapping or oathing stone ceremonies which are Celtic or Pagan traditions. For something more energetic, you may opt for the Broom jumping ceremony to clear away negativity with a sweep of the broom may just be what you are looking for.

Being a Celebrant gives me the opportunity to work with people to provide something special. I will strive to provide a ceremony that you want and will love, is meaningful and most importantly, uniquely personal to you.

Package Overview

Ceremonies by Lynsey, provide an elementary package which includes the essentials along with 4 special ceremony elements of your choice.

Included in the elementary package…(Further package details)

  • Initial Interview
  • Draft Ceremony
  • Venue Liaison / Visit
  • Second Interview (Modify & Agree order of ceremony)
  • Final Draft
  • Final Interview & Practice
  • Four special ceremony elements of your choice, additional elements can be added if you wish.
  • Officiate Ceremony
  • Presentation folder
  • A4 parchment signed by the couple and witnesses
  • Available for Photographs as required

Please complete the contact me form, email or call to discuss in greater detail.