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A naming ceremony is all about your child and therefore the decision on what happens during the ceremony is your choice.

Ceremonies by Lynsey is here to assist with as much as is needed. This includes help in choosing poems or readings as well as providing guidance with the vows or promises for yourselves and the guide parents.

Included in the elementary package.. From £200

  • Initial Interview
  • Draft Ceremony
  • Final Draft
  • Two special ceremony elements of your choice, (additional elements can be added).
  • Officiate Ceremony
  • Presentation folder
  • A4 parchment signed by the parents and Guide parents

Available for Photographs as required

Special Ceremony Elements

Memory Letter box – from £20

During the ceremony, the parents, guide parents and guests place letters for the child in a box, maybe with a bottle of something special, to be opened on the child’s 18th birthday.

Say it with Stone – from £40

Guests are given a stone on which they write their name and a promise. These stones are collected and placed in a series of jars so the stones can be seen.

Unity Sand Ceremony – from £60

Symbolising the support which surrounds the child, coloured sand is added into a Jar which is then sealed and displayed in the house. This option is particularly good when there are step children involved as it shows unity.

Wishing Jar / Tree – from £60

Each guest writes a thought or message to the child on a label / tag. This is then hung on a stylised tree or placed in a jar as a memento of the day.

Unity Lantern – from £60

Symbolising the joining of families. The child’s parents can light individual lanterns for all the children as a symbol to show they are moving on from their family to create a new family together.

Canvas Painting – from £35

All guest will be asked to add a finger print to a painted tree or handprint to a canvas surrounding a picture of the child. A little bit of fun for the more crafty of families.

Naming Ribbon – from £35

A ribbon, will be secured with Velcro to the child on their wrist, passing around all the guests before being secured on the child’s other wrist as a symbol of everyone being part of the ceremony. Afterwards, the ribbon is divided into two sections, one for everyone to sign and be kept by the parents, the other section to be cut into smaller pieces and attached to a pin for all guests to take home.

Custom Elements – from £35

A bespoke element made just for you. If there is something unique that you would like to take place, we can work together to make your day as special as you family is.

In addition to the naming ceremony, you may take the opportunity to renew your vows as a symbol of your solidarity both to each other and your child as new parents. With this in mind you may decide to incorporate some of the wedding elements available here.

Additional costs are to be agreed prior to the ceremony, including, but not limited to include travel, accommodation if required, and fancy dress or themed material including costumes.

Contact me for any further details or to arrange your initial interview.

I look forward to hearing from you and having the opportunity to make your day unique and personal to you.