Funeral Ceremonies

The grief you experience at the loss of someone reflects just how much you loved them, no matter of their age or the duration that you have held them in your life. 

Planning a funeral is never easy, especially as it tends to be an emotional and overwhelming time.  

As your celebrant, I consider it a privilege to work with you and your family to produce and deliver a ceremony which your loved one deserves and that those left behind can remember for ever.

From initial contact, until the end of the ceremony, I will work closely with you and the funeral director. My main aim is to provide a unique ceremony that reflects the wishes of your loved one, whilst alleviating some of the weight from your shoulders by providing support and guidance when you need it most.

What happens next?

First, I will meet with you and listen intently to learn about special memories of your loved one.

We will no doubt share tears for their passing and laughter for their foibles. The details that you share, enables me to produce a thoroughly distinctive and meaningful reflection of the person who has passed. This gives me a chance to paint a picture of your loved one and respectfully include all the important aspects of them in the celebration of their life.

Whether it be poetry or music, readings or special elements, be it pleasant and joyful, energising and motivating, or simply relaxed and thoughtful. I will work with you to ensure the ceremony is meaningful and most importantly, uniquely personal to your loved one.

Whether you decide on a traditional graveside, a crematorium, or a natural burial ground, I will create a ceremony based on the details I have been given.

Most of all, I hope to leave you with reinforced memories that will provide comfort to all that attend the ceremony.  

Pakage Overview – Fixed price £200

  • Initial Interview
  • Draft Ceremony
  • Final Draft
  • Officiate Ceremony

**Memorials and Funeral Ceremonies for 16 years of age and under will not be charged for. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to check availability if this is the case.

Please complete the contact me form, email or call to discuss in greater detail.